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I can sense it when I am face to face with a man who is better than me. I met with one yesterday. His aura is different. He gives off this kind of invisible energy that makes me want to follow him. For the first time in many, many years, I felt intimidated by someone.

He asked me to join his venture. He offered me a spot on his team right there and then, fifteen minutes into our meeting.

“The plan is to go public or to get acquired within two to three years. This startup is making money right now. And I’ll have two million dollars more coming from the second-round of funding within the year. Stock options are on the table. I want you in. You want money? This is the place to be.”

The problem is, the role he has in mind for me is a number-crunching desk job. With potential to become department lead, yes. But still …

I have a few days to decide.

~ GC


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