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Imposing Your Frame, Writing Your Life Story


“The first half of my life story has already been written. It’s awesome. All the elements of an inspiring epic-in-the-making is there. The bad draw. The ambition. The struggle … I am now working on the other half to complete it. I want success. I want an imposing climax. Something that will make my story endure. That’s my mission.

I want you to be in that story. You and I, we can write some of the plots together. Bold ones. Moving ones. Arousing ones. Details that will make other people’s lips smile and hearts sigh. Scenes that will stay in people’s minds for a long, long time … Follow my script. Don’t misbehave. I will feel bad if I have to replace you.”

~ GC


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In his mid-30s, around 70 B.C., in his official capacity as Quaestor, an elected position equivalent to our present-day municipal court judge and municipal treasurer, Julius Caesar visited the Temple of Hercules at Gades (Cadiz) in Spain on his way to his new appointed assignment — to become some other man’s lieutenant. The legend goes that when he came across the statue of Alexander the Great, he went down on his knees and wept in sorrow. “Do you think I have not just cause to weep, when I consider that Alexander at my age had conquered so many nations, and I have all this time done nothing that is memorable,” he lamented, so the account goes, in reply to a companion’s inquisition.

Today, as we men are expected to go about our lives sitting in offices and cubicles, using narrow, specific abilities, to accomplish mundane, routine tasks day-in and day-out, in the service of the companies, the corporations and the governments we are all beholden to for our livelihoods, our securities and our self-worth, the old, proverbial, fiery “coal embers of ambition” that once ignited passion inside the hearts of great men like Julius Caesar, pushing us men to dream about, to crave and to seek out great conquests in the name of personal glory, has beenĀ doused dead in water in most, reduced to a pathetic flicker in some, and socially-suppressed and shamed-against in those stubborn few who still has it burning bright red.

The world has been tamed, so they said. Sit down and do your duty, so they demanded. Think about others, not yourself, so they taught. And so we men listened, we obeyed and then we collectively failed the biggest shit test the world has ever seen. Truly sad.

Genghis will be turning 40 years old in a couple of years. He has outperformed every single boy he grew up with in every single measure that is important to him. But in the grand scheme of things, along thatĀ ONE great ladder men are suppose to bust their balls climbing up to tower among others, like Caesar, he is weeping. Like Caesar, he wants more. Like Caesar, he dedicates his life to the pursuit of his ambitions. And like Caesar, he is going to get to them.

This blog will be a memoirs of his mindset as he dares to attempt to accomplish all that he seeks.

~ GC


Statue Alexander the Great on a Horse

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